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Why Europrogress

Europrogress group is leader in greenhouse production as well as plants and technologies for protected crops.
Europrogress takes care of any plant from design up to the excelent after sales assistance always granting competence, satisfaction and reliability.

Europrogress fulfils the requirements of small and large farms, R&D agricultural entities and school establishments.
Greenhouses are designed according to the needs both of customer and cultivation. The steady after-sales service always guarantees prompt interventions.

Certified company

Thanks to the certification we can highlight a perfect synchrony in the work steps, a safety and an optimal quality in the service offered.

Europrogress group

The Europrogress group is a national leader in the agri-food sector for the production of greenhouses, and for the marketing of plants and technologies for protected crops.


The added value of Europrogress srl is in technical and commercial assistance which starts from the initial design phase and extends to the post-sales phase.

Europrogress. 32+ years’ experience in greenhouse market.

Solutions that meet every growing and climatic need

35 countries in the world followed by Europrogress



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