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serra per il sociale
serra per il sociale
10 December 2019

A greenhouse for social purposes: Terramica example

Cultivating crops inside the greenhouse has many advantages, among them, the possibility to cultivate all the year long ; the ability to produce any type of plant ; less exposure to diseases and infestations and production increases. But is it really just about this?

For the cooperative Terramica the greenhouse cultivation has a deeper meaning. Since 2018, the cooperative of Mansuè, in the province of Treviso, is committed to a 360 ° sustainability project. With its 5 hectares of cultivation, including tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers, spinach and lettuce, Terramica has developed and increased its ties with the local community, offering vegetables and cereals at km 0. At the same time, the farm has the objective of providing rehabilitation experiences to frail people through agricultural work. In this way, Terramica supports the social value associated with sustainability on which the cooperative project is based.

Here then, the attention to the environment and to the enhancement of people are for Terramica aspects of primary importance which are promoted admirably.


Here are the technical details of the greenhouses.

  • Greenhouse model: MULTIART
  • Double inflated layer with transparent sheeting
  • Single roof vents
  • Motorized gables openings
  • One side cladded with single transparent sheeting
  • Opposite side cladded with sandwich panel
  • Half moons cladded with wavy polycarbonate

Well, what can we say ? Contributing to the realization of the Terramica project by supplying and installing the greenhouse structures which are used by the cooperative, was for sure a gratifying and satisfying experience for Europrogress.