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Heating systems can be powered by diesel, gas, biomass or alternative energy sources. In greenhouse projects on wide surfaces a technical area is dedicated to the installation of the system core components, i.e. boiler, burner, pumps and collectors.Heat is distributed through air or hot water based on the needs and on the type of installation.

In some climatic zones such as desert areas it is necessary to use cooling systems realized with the help of evaporating panels, air extractors or chillers.
Another cooling system used in certain situations is the fog system.

Our solutions include spraying irrigation with sliding booms, drip irrigation, ebb and flow irrigation and floating irrigation.
The fertilisation plant, where required, is carefully designed by our engineers and built using the most modern technologies available.

Cultivations with inert substrates (such as stone wool or coconut fiber) with the help of gutters. Unlike in floriculture or nurseries, ebb and flow irrigation or floating irrigation on fixed/mobile benches remains an excellent solution.
These systems are widely used in the production of tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and berries. Unlike in floriculture or nursery, sub-irrigation such as “EBB-AND-FLOW” or “THROUGH” systems on fixed /mobile benches remains an excellent solution.

These systems have several functions including eliminating thermal dispersion, providing shading and reducing internal radiation. This translates into a great advantage from an economic point of view thanks to the reduction of energy consumption and a suitable control of light and energy inside the greenhouse. Based on the use it is possible to select the most suitable sheeting for your needs (thermal insulation, shading, combined used). These systems are fully automated and can be installed both under horizontal tie rods and along the walls.

The Up & Down
is an handling system equipped with mobile gutters which can be alternatively raised and lowered so that to work on two different lines of production. The gutters height can be adjusted at the desired level, allowing to operate in complete comfort. Compared to traditional cultivation systems, the Up & Down has the advantage to double the number of plants per square meter.

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