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They can be powered by diesel, gas, biomass or alternative energy sources. Sometimes a technical area is set up to install the heart of the system consisting of a boiler, pump burner and collectors. The heat distribution is carried out by air or hot water based on need and type of system. The design of the entire system is developed by carefully meeting all the agronomic and climatic requirements.

In some climatic zones such as desert areas is necessary the use of cooling systems realized with the help of evaporating panels, air extractors or chillers. Such systems allow a considerable temperature drop that allows the production of certain crops otherwise impossible.
Another useful plant used in certain situation is the fog system.

Spraying, irrigation boom, drip, sub-irrigation and floating are all part of our solutions. Our technicians guide the customer through the choice of the most convenient system to be installed inside the greenhouse. The fertilisation plant, where required, is carefully designed by our engineers and realized through the use of the most modern technologies available.

Increasingly, we are oriented towards horticultural soilless production. This category includes crops that use inert substrates (such as stone wool or coconut fiber) with the help of standing/hanging gutters. This systems are widely used in the production of tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and berries. Unlike in floriculture or nursery, sub-irrigation such as “EBB-AND-FLOW” or “THROUGH” systems on fixed /mobile benches remains an excellent solution.

These systems have multiple functions such as shading and thermal insulation. This results in a considerable energy saving. Depending on the use, there is the possibility to choose the fabric that best suits your needs (Thermal insulation, shading, combined use or black-out). The systems are generally fully automated and can be installed both under horizontal tie-rods and along sides/gables