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14 May 2019

Most effective and advantageous greenhouse crops with the Up & Down system

doubling production while maintaining the same surface

Compared to traditional cultivation systems, the “Up & Down” tool allows to cultivate the double number of plants per square meter, giving an advantage to agricultural producers.

Since last year, Europrogress, the Italian leader in the design and production of greenhouses, has supplied this innovative technology to various Italian and foreign customers. Among these, also a farm of Rovigo (north of Italy), recently awarded by Smau for its innovativeness.

how does it work?

The system is equipped with mobile gutters allowing to work on two different cultivation lines in an alternative manner. The gutters are connected to axes and motorized tubes through which they are automatically lowered and raised, depending on the agronomic needs. During transplanting or crop collection operations, the gutters can then be lowered or raised at intervals so that to facilitate workers activities, therefore, allowing them to have more space inside the structure. In addition to this edge, the raising and lowering system, which represents the main characteristic of the “Up & Down” tool, allows to adjust the height of the cultivation lines to the desired level. In this way operations tasks are further facilitated. During rest times, the entire cultivation is brought back to a single plan, so that to avoid the creation of shaded areas.

good results at the agronomic level

Thanks to this technology, the Europrogress structures that to date have installed the “Up & Down” system have presented extraordinary results in the agronomic field. The production has doubled and labor costs have been significantly reduced while making the greenhouse cultivation more efficient and profitable.

Are you interested in this type of cultivation system?

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